February 19, 2017


November 2016 we attended the Firehouse Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. While we were there, Ray Strong, a retired FDNY brother, approached our booth and we got to talking. He introduced us to the Axemen National President, which was founded in the Detroit metro area in March of 1998. The New York City Chapter started with 10 founding members formed a motorcycle club for professional firefighters, both working and retired, and made it their mission to raise money for firefighters’ children with special needs. Today, the Axemen National have 30 chapters throughout the United States. Ray established the NY Chapter 3 in 2013.

HBO: How long have you been a firefighter?
RS: I am now retired after 31 years with the FDNY. I was hired in October 1985 and was assigned to L51 after graduating proby school. I also worked in L126, R4, and L111 as a firefighter. In June 2007, I was promoted to Lieutenant and covered in Division 13 and Special Operations Command before being assigned to R4 in 2013.

HBO: What is the Axemen Motorcycle Club’s mission?
RS: Axemen MC’s tagline is “brothers helping brothers.” Our sole charitable focus is providing support for FDNY and Axemen firefighters whose children have special needs and need special equipment to sustain a quality of life.

HBO: Do you have a personal connection to your mission?
RS: Yes, my two daughters were both born with cerebral palsy and both have passed due to complications of their illnesses. They both were special needs children and required special equipment.

HBO: Is there a family in particular that stands out in which your Chapter helped?
RS: By the fall of 2015, we had finally raised enough money to help some of our brother firefighters. For the first time, on December 22nd, 2015, we were able to present three FDNY firefighters and their families with checks to help augment the cost of equipment needed for their child. It was very emotional for all present to say the least.

HBO: What kind of events does NY Chapter 3 host or participate in to raise money and awareness for special needs families?
RS: Our main focus is the annual fundraiser we host every fall. We also participate in other motorcycle fundraisers as a club. During the holidays we donate to Lil’ Bravest, an FDNY-run charity that helps children who are hospitalized or being treated for childhood diseases.

HBO: How can working or retired firefighters join your Chapter?
RS: Any FDNY firefighter, active or retired, who is interested in becoming a member, can contact us by filling out an application on our website or by sending your name and information to our mailing address:
Axemen MC NY3
PO Box 801
Bethpage, NY 11714

HBO: How can people support your Chapter?
RS: Anyone can support our Chapter by attending our annual fundraiser held on the 3rd Saturday of September. We welcome everyone to participate in the event. You don’t need a motorcycle to take part and enjoy our after party and pig roast.

We also accept donations through via PayPal or to our mailing address:
Axemen MC NY3
PO Box 801
Bethpage, NY 11714

For those who don’t ride, but want to be a part of our Chapter, we are in the process of starting up an Axemen NY3 Support Group. This group will help us promote the club and our mission statement and assist us at our fundraisers.

We were so humbled to meet Ray and learn about the Axemen Motorcycle Club, the only group raising money for special needs children of FDNY members. To show our support, Halligan Bottle Openers has donated to their honorable cause. Please visit and show them some love.

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