October 22, 2015

We’d like to congratulate Dustin and Amber Hooks who recently tied the knot!

A firefighter for 8 years, Dustin serves on Charlotte Fire Department Engine 40. When we received his order for personalized Halligan Bottle Openers for his groomsmen, we thought it would be fun to interview him about the big day! Here’s what he had to say:

HBO: Where did you get married?
DC: Saratoga Springs Wedding Venue, Mt. Pleasant, NC

HBO: How did you propose?

DC: Some of my relatives run an outdoor wedding venue. I told Amber we needed to swing by on our way to dinner one night because they wanted us to check it out while they were there.

When we arrived, no one was there. She was anxious to leave as soon as she saw that my family wasn’t there to show us around. I convinced her to walk around real quick so that we could let them know we at least stopped by.

Amber had no idea I had a candlelit dinner and all kinds of “cute” decor waiting to welcome us when we arrived at the barn. I’m generally “not that type of dude,” so she was caught completely off guard. I had some cheesy, wedding-style music playing in the background, and when the time was right I dropped down on one knee and popped the question.

She, thank God, said yes and didn’t make me look like a fool!

HBO: How many groomsmen were in your wedding party?

DC: There were 10 of them ugly rascals.

HBO: What made you pick the Halligan Bottle Opener for your groomsmen gift?

DC: They’re sick! You’ve combined one of the most badass tools in the fire service with something that involves beer? I mean what can top that?! Oh wait, you gave me the option to personalize each one – giving it that much more bad-assery.

HBO: What did you engrave on your Halligan Bottle Openers?

DC: I had each one of my groomsmen first and last name engraved.

HBO: What did your groomsmen think of their gifts?

DC: They loved them! They thought they were really slick, and were impressed by the size and weight of the opener. Definitely not something you will lose or misplace. I’m pretty sure they are opening twist top brewski’s with them, just to use the Halligan Bottle Opener!

Thanks for your business, Dustin and Amber! Cheers to a lifetime of love, laughter, and cold beer!

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