My name is Barbara. My husband Tim, is a Firefighter – FDNY since 2005. Tim and I met in 2003, while Tim was patiently waiting to get his dream career in the FDNY. He was an X-Ray Tech at the hospital where I worked. His claim to fame was navigating through the maze of winding hallways to accidentally run into me. It worked, because here we are trying to conquer the world together, one bottle opener at a time.

We’ve been married for nine adventurous years full of firehouse antics, good times, and good people.

One day, my blue collar, ball busting, laughing, farting fireman decided to make fun of the short guy in the truck. He welded scrap metal into a miniature Halligan, and almost-immediately the joke turned into a business.

That was the inspiration for this intoxicating (pun intended) journey. We risked it all to patent a bottle opener modeled after one of the greatest tools in the fire service – the Halligan.

It’s never a dull moment in our house. In between putting out fires, Tim diligently engraves bottle openers, manages customer sales, and dreams up new ideas for the business. And while I still work full time at the hospital as Technical Director of an Echocardiography lab, I somehow find the time to dodge Tim’s firehouse humor, make post office deliveries, promote the business, and now host our brand new blog!

I’d like to kick things off by saying “Welcome!” As I post new blogs, and Tim makes fun of my blogs, I hope to offer you a fresh point of view from a badass firewife. I’ll be sharing stories about Tim, me, and Peanut, fire life, brew life, and of course – you guys!

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